Enrollment Status

Under 2yrs old : Waitlist

2yrs or older : 1 opening

Teacher Jenny

Language support : English, Cantonese and Mandarin

Rhythm of the day

8:00am ---- Drop off & Play time

8:30am ---- Breakfast

9:00am ---- Morning greets

9:30am ---- Group Learning & Activities

10:30am ---- Outdoor Play Time

11:30am ---- Lunch

12:15pm ---- Reading

12:30pm ---- Naps!

2:30pm ---- Quiet Hour (for others to wake up)

3:00pm ---- Snacks

3:30pm ---- Outdoor activities

4:15pm ---- Story Time

4:45pm ---- Knowledge Games (critical thinking)

5:30pm ---- Pickup / Free time

Basic Information


8:00am - 6pm

Breakfast + Lunch

Ages: 1yrs - 5yrs

Facility Number


Effective Date


Our location

We are located at 144 E Hillsdale Blvd, San Mateo CA 94403.


Feel free to contact us at Brightstardaycare144@gmail.com

About me

I have 20+ years of childcare expereince. 4+ years of afterschool tutoring and I am a mother of 3!

About Us

We are a newly established facility in the Hillsdale neighborhood. Our facility focuses on nurturing the future generation through educational programs and activities. Our care provider, Jenny, have 20 years of experiences working with children from well-established daycare facilities to private after school programs. Bright Star Childcare is a Mandarin, Cantonese and English daycare for children ages 12 months to transitional kindergarten. In our program we mainly want each child to develop at their own pace. We will do this by designing lessons to suit their individual needs. Another goal of ours is to provide an environment that these children can call home. This will allow them to open themselves expressively in the comfort of the environment.

Holiday Schedule For 2023 !

President's Day

Memorial Day

Independents Day

Labor Day



New Years

If you have any questions about us or if you are interested. Please contact us through our email. Alternatively, you can contact us through this google form

Our Facility

Our Facility meets all the safety requirments!! We have a reading room filled with numerous books and an outdoor area for the kids to have fun. Feel free to click on any of the photos

Students learning
Reading room
Outdoor Playground
Students listening to stories
Students reading
Arts and Crafts